Financial Freedom or Financial Equality?

It has been said that in America it seems like financial freedom and financial equality for all cannot coexist. Financial freedom may be defined as sufficient personal wealth and income that is greater than expenses. On the other hand, financial equality is defined as when the financial outcome has been manufactured for all the participants of society and everyone receives equal parts. Financial equality is a founding principle of various forms of socialism, communism and cooperative economic organization.

Buying A Car When You Are Retired

Try before you buy: Before buying a new car, consider living with the car payment or lease payment beforehand. Do this by saving the amount of the car payment from your budget in a separate savings account. Try this for a minimum of three months. This will allow you to see the impact of the car payment on your lifestyle.

Divorce and Widowed?...

Often we think our lives are planned out and everything is in order. Then something beyond our control occurs and changes everything. When a divorce or death occurs, it is both emotionally and financially difficult. When it comes to your finances, during the first twelve months the same initial few steps should be taken

Avoid Costly Retirement Mistakes

Retirement should be one of life’s milestones everyone should embrace. However, there are many who feel overwhelmed and worry that they will not be able to afford to retire. You can have a successful retirement, you just have to start planning now. Be proactive in planning and saving for your dream retirement. The top 3 retiree’s



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